Psychomancy - Vimana


It's Released in 2021:

The album "Divine Archetype" by the band Psychomancy centers on the concept of God, creation, and power, and is made up of 9 tracks.

 The first track, "Eon," sets the tone with its evocative and mystical sound. The songs "My Faith" "Nation On Fire" and "Dead Tree" deal with the concept of the archetype of God and its evolution through history and cultures.

"Zenith" and "Vimana" transport the listener to a past world where dimensionless beings inspired the idea of a creator God. "Destiny" personifies the archetype of time and the possibility of traveling through alternate dimensions.

 The final songs, "Exiled" and "The Hidden Key," explore the themes of belonging to another world, and the archetype of darkness and liberation of demons.

Fernando Luna (Voice, Keyboards)
Lucas Fernandez (Guitars)
Produced at IMA Estudios Medellín by Fernando Luna as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer.
For fans of Samael, Septicflesh, Ex Deo, Rotting Christ, Mephorash