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Haiduk, the music project led by Luka Milojica, offers an intense and captivating experience for listeners with its death-infused black metal sound, prominently displayed on their latest album "Diabolica", released in September 2021. The project is set in the fantasy medieval world of Callost, and the four full-length albums feature maps, stories, and descriptions that are part of this world. Haiduk's newest release is the music video for "Sea of Fire", a hypnotic and slow descent into the depths of hell. According to Milojica, the first ten songs on "Diabolica" are intended to tire the listener, making them more vulnerable to the hypnotic track that follows.
"Diabolica" is a powerful and angry eruption of energy, with constantly evolving riffs and melodies that build momentum and speed throughout the album. Haiduk was created to be a channel for Milojica's dark musical desires, influenced by acts such as Vintersorg and others from Sweden and Norway. The lightning-fast, energetic sound of Haiduk is recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Vomitory, and Dissection.
The album “Diabolica” was released on September 21, 2021, and is available on:
Track Listing:​
1. Corpse Crown (2:00)
2. Swarm (2:27)
3. Upheaval (2:27)
4. Encirclement (2:25)
5. Wraithavoc (2:29)
6. Cyclone (2:56)
7. Ballista (2:33)
8. Abyss Mage (3:06)
9. Morph (2:43)
10. Infernal (2:50)
11. Sea of Fire (5:12)
Album Length: 31:11
Album Recording Credits:​
• All songs performed by: Luka Milojica
• All songs written by: Luka Milojica
• Produced by: Luka Milojica
• Mixed by: Luka Milojica
• Mastered by: Luka Milojica
• Album Artwork by: Luka Milojica
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)
•Album Band Line Up: Luka Milojica – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming
• Live Band Line Up: Luka Milojica – Guitars, Vocals.
2021 – Diabolica (full-length)
2018 – Exomancer (full-length)
2015 – Demonicon (full-length)
2012 – Spellbook (full-length)
2010 – Plagueswept (demo)

Haiduk is a solo death metal project by musician Luka Milojica that started with the release of the demo "Plagueswept" in 2010. Milojica has since continued to work on his own, creating full-length albums that explore themes of black magic, demonic power, and astral terror. His first album, "Spellbook" (2012), showcased fast guitars and powerful riffs that conjured up images of otherworldly strength. "Demonicon" (2015) continued to build on this theme, with a focus on blasting distortion that created an arcane aura. By the time he released "Exomancer" in 2018, Milojica had become a summoner of cosmic darkness. In 2021, his latest album "Diabolica" tells the story of a new demonic domain being carved out by devils, released from the burning abyss by the eruption of Octavia.
"The patented death/black/speed Metal rips your skull for 31 minutes" 4.5/5 -Metal-Rules (2021 – Diabolica)
"An endless supply of evil, face-ripping riffs" - Metal Crypt (2021 – Diabolica)
"Fast and unrelenting from start to end" 8/10 –Metalbite (2021 – Diabolica)
"Haiduk's most aggressive work" -The Killchain (2021 – Diabolica)
"A lot of eye-popping technical skill, intricate plotting, and brilliantly multifarious and mutated tonalities on display" - No Clean Singing (2021 – Diabolica)
“A tremolo picked tornado of dark matter and blastbeats.” – The Circle Pit (2018 – Exomancer)
“[Haiduk’s] strong point has always been his riffs, and here they just destroy” 8.5/10 – Brave Words (2018 – Exomancer)
"[Haiduk] has perfected his own signature style and very few bands are doing this style" – Metal-Rules (2018 – Exomancer)