Karkaza - No Time For Losers


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Karkaza, a US-based heavy metal band, launched their third album, "Let It Rise", in August 2022. The album features a range of genres, such as groove metal, thrash metal, a metal ballad, a piano intro track and an acoustic ballad, demonstrating the band's versatility. Articles about the album have been published in four languages, creating a lot of attention from fans and critics alike. It was produced by Jaro Sound, a Czech sound engineer who has a lot of experience in metal music. Following the launch, the band has been busy performing a multitude of shows in 2022, and is planning a tour for 2023. This album is perfect for heavy metal fans who appreciate artists that innovate and explore different musical styles. Karkaza has proven themselves to be a noteworthy presence in the metal scene, and this latest album is a testament to their musical skills and creativity.
Artist: Karkaza
Release title: Let It Rise
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 28-08-2022
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Groove Metal
Country: US
For fans of Pantera, Slayer and Sepultura
Lilia Bogoeva - Guitar/Vocals
Bruno Parente - Drums
Brian Bodt - Bass

1 - Cetus
2 - Reset
3 - Liberty or Death
4 - No Time For Losers
5 - Mason Dixon Line
6 - Warmonger
7- Brood of Vipers
8 - Angels
9 - Vengeance
10 - The Gunslinger