Zygnema - "Iconic"

Grant National - “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality”

Isa Nielsen, Madre Goth and Kebras - “Waiting For The Break of Dawn”

Above the Ocean - "Love Song (For the Broken)"

In for the kill - "Branded To Kill"

Holycide - "Remote Control" (Official lyric video taken from the 3rd album "Towards Idiocracy")

Final Cry - "Zombique"

Maailman Äänet - "Kaksi sutta"

INNER AXIS - "Midnight Forces"

Dark Bridge - "The Lord of the Black"

Signum Regis - "No Middle Ground"

Death League - "Inferno"

Sikario - "Judgement in the Purgatory"

Stormhunter - "Best Before: Death"

Grand Massive - "Houses Of The Unholy"

Diamond Falcon - "Gates Of Hell"

UKĆ - "...Fool for a Lifetime"


Azzaya - "I Begin"

The Human Edition - "Human Nature"