Asidie - "Inside a Restless Mind"

CRAVER - Dreams Of The Night

Lord Volture - "Live 'em Up!"

Slaamaskin - "Trollveggen"

Deimos' Dawn - "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough"

Angeles - "Just Do It"

Mastic Scum - Create And Destroy

Crush the Core - Church of Demise

Doe's Theory - "Uppercut"

The Advent Equation - "A Sudden Perception"

FlowerLeaf - "Dreamerie: The Prelude"

Comaniac - Nothing But Lies

Spellsword - A Dark Being In The Shadows

Moose Cult - Moose Cult


JARDA - Rockaine

Aoidos - Black Swan

DESTROYERS OF ALL - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

KINGS WINTER - Edge Of Existence

Under Attack - Meatgrinder