Dystersol - Fail Better

ChaosPath - The Awakening

MASTIC SCUM - Digital Dementia

Catacomb - The Kings of Edom

Karkaza - No Time For Losers

Jenner - Factory of Death

DRAKON HO MEGAS - Coming of the Antichrist

Marco Cusato - SILENT RITE

DEIMOS´ DAWN - Deathstar Spangled Banner

Heart Attack Genocide - "P... to be wild"

Sign of Death - I See my death

HYLDR - The Blade Of Gold

Ramchat- Krveľ

Celtic Legacy - Redux

Fatalismo - Dominate to Exterminate

Moth - "The Moth Prophecies"

Heir Corpse One - Blood in the Shade (From Album "Caribbean Frights")