Nomad - Choke


Upcoming Release:

Nomad, a band from Canada's Okanagan Valley, has been gaining local recognition for the past few years by performing at local festivals and supporting well-known acts in the extreme metal scene.
They are now excited to announce their debut album, "The Mountain", which is both heavy and honest. It is approachable to new fans and will be a favorite for those who have seen them perform live.
The third single, "Choke", is an epic track. The band's writing process is collaborative, resulting in a diverse mix of influences. They typically start with a member presenting a collection of riffs or a song's skeleton, and everyone collaborates on the instrumentals.
Song titles are often based on a member's interpretation of the song's vibe or feel, with multiple possible meanings. The album, which was mixed by drummer Bretton Melanson and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy), will be released on March 3, 2023, and is recommended for fans of Gojira, Lamb of God, and Sepultura.
Nomad comments:
“This single is another pretty long one, hitting different dynamic levels as we go. we looked for other meanings of the word “Choke”, which is the chorus section, guitarist/vocalist Matt Johnstone took the reins on a number of other sections, and went with a cosmic theme, the birth, and death of the universe. We married those different themes together and this is the result.”
Track Listing:​
1. Burning Alive (4:30)
2. Haunted (6:00)
3. Revolution (6:05)
4. Relentless (6:09)
5. A Lonely Wanderer (5:08)
6. Blood Moon (9:40)
7. Rise in the Fall (6:20)
8. Processor (6:56)
9. Choke (8:52)
Album Length: 59:38
Album Credits:​
- All songs written and performed by Nomad.
- Additional writing contributions by past members:
Kasey Klassen
Lorne Valliers
Dylan Heska
Justin Kleinsasser
- Mixed by Bretton Melanson
- Mastered by Christian Donaldson
- Album Artwork by: Angela Grimmuza/ Art Of Grimmuza
- MAPL - Canadian Content
Album and Live lineup:​
Bretton Melanson: Drums/Vocals
Matt Johnstone: Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Mabb: Guitar/Vocals
Josh MacDonald: Bass
Nomad is a Canadian progressive death metal band hailing from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Comprising drummer/vocalist Bretton Melanson, guitarist/vocalist Matt Johnstone, guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mabb, and bassist Josh MacDonald, the band's collaborative songwriting process is influenced by their diverse tastes in music. They avoid the violent and gory themes typical in metal music, opting instead for storytelling that is based on science fiction, historical events, and astrophysics. Their unique sound features multiple vocalists and sound effects, and their live performances incorporate a carefully planned visual element. Nomad has played at Armstrong MetalFest and has supported well-known acts in the extreme metal scene.