The Design Abstract - Transhuman Ascendant


Upcoming Release: Transhuman Ascendant | Released February 21st, 2023 on Sliptrick Records

The Design Abstract, a Tobain melodic death metal band, has launched their latest album, "Transhuman Ascendant", the finale to their Technotheism trilogy.
The new release is a tale of war, atonement, and rejuvenation, and features a heavy death metal sound. With riffs that are crushing and technically impressive drumming, the vocals on the album range from pristine clean singing to raw gutturals.
Each song on "Transhuman Ascendant" contributes to the story and can also be appreciated as a standalone piece, showcasing great guitar playing and diverse vocals along with rich scoring.
The Design Abstract - Transhuman Ascendant
Country: Canada
Genre: Symphonic Melodic Death Metal
Release date: February 21st, 2023
01. Secrets Uncovered
02. Degradation Of The Sacrosanct
03. Exile
04. Synthetic Morality
05. Plaguebringers
06. The Seer
07. Unleashed
08. Manufactured Omniscience
09. Agents Of Retribution
10. Pathways
11. Technotheism I: Singularity Absolute
12. Technotheism II: Salvation
The Design Abstract are:
Voiicide – Vocals/Bass/Scoring/Synth
Logan Mayhem – Guitar/Additional Synth