Release the Titans - "Odyssey"

HELLON - "Shaman"

King of None - "In the Realm"

Vrykolakas - "Nocturnal Dominion of Death"

Transonic Science - "Psychobulb"

Malphas - "Portal"

Ethereal Flames - "Myths And Legends Of Our Land"


Bottenhavet - "Ljud i tysta rum"

MALPHAS - Red Shield Syndicate

The Scream - "WHELLCOME"

Sociasylum - "Harmony of Discordance"

Night Slasher

Misophonia - (De)void of Peace

Acerus - "The Caliginous Serenade"

Anubis - "Dark Paradise"

Wizzerd - "Space?: Issue No.001"

Tropic Santos - "Caccia Grossa"

Scumfucks - Scumfucks

Scumfucks - Scumfucks