ALIS - Demone


Upcoming Release:

ALIS's debut EP "Demone" is set to release on April 14, 2023, with a rock, alternative rock, punk, and grunge sound. The EP includes 7 tracks, including "Ossigeno" (Oxygen) and "Appartengo alla Luna" (I belong to the Moon).

ALIS - Appartengo alla Luna

According to Alis, "Demone" is a journey to find inner strength and escape from internal and external pressures caused by toxic individuals. The EP takes listeners through 7 stages of a challenging life, with each song representing a stage. Alis hopes to inspire listeners to move forward with positive energy and write their own futures without regrets. The EP is available on this link:
1. Lividi
2. Appartengo alla Luna
3. Ossigeno
4. Vai al Diavolo
5. Demone
6. Fragile
7. Ribelle
Short Bio:
ALIS, originally from Rome, is a young rocker with a rebellious spirit, with her rock songs and gritty performances. As a songwriter, composer, and sound designer, she crafts music that inspires listeners to overcome their fears and confront the challenges of life head-on. Through her powerful melodies and lyrics, ALIS aims to channel the energy necessary to rise above adversity and emerge victorious.