ChaosPath - The Awakening


What's New:

Chaos Path, the German metal band, is thrilled to announce the CD release of their previously vinyl-only EP "The Awakening" and their debut album "Downfall", both of which boast a mighty, genuine, and raw production. The CD also features three never-before-released live tracks and a 16-page booklet with exclusive cover art that perfectly captures the essence of Chaos Path's distinct sound and style.
The band's sound is a fusion of Nordic Melodic Death/Black Metal and German Thrash Metal, creating a unique and remarkable concoction that can only be identified as Chaos Path. Their emphasis on a "Reduced to the Max" approach allows them to produce an authentic and honest sound that is both commanding and captivating.
Since their inception in 2016, Chaos Path has been actively involved in the metal scene in and around Kassel, as well as in the wider metal underground. They have released numerous EPs and LPs, including "The Awakening" in March 2018 and "Downfall" in September 2019.
In 2020/21, the band underwent some changes, with Soul Oblitarator taking over as the new drummer and Nocturnal Reaper assuming the role of guitarist. The Doom Lord (Bass) also joined the band in November. Currently, Chaos Path is hard at work on their eagerly awaited second album, which will be released in all formats on Golden Core/ZYX.

ChaosPath - The Awakening (Chaos Path Part I)

Upcoming shows:
01.04.23 Taunus Metal Meeting, Oberursel
06.05.23 Hell over Halen Festival, Halen
13.05.23 Metal Bash, Neu Wulmstorf (near Hamburg)
18.11.23 at Blackland, Berlin.
Artist: Chaos Path
Release title: Rise Of The Apocalypse
Label: Golden Core Records / Zyx Music
Release Date: 24-02-2023
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Ancient Weapon (Sermons of the Chaos Priest), Nocturnal Reaper (Noise of Thunder), Richy Backfire (Apocalyptic Shreds from Hell), Soul Obliterator (Tones of Total Annihilation), The Doom Lord (Deep Tunes of War)

1. Doom
2. Kriig
3. Open the Gates
4. Voices of Bitterness
5. Over Your Threshold
6. The Awakening (Chaos Path part I)
7. The Rise of Chaos (Chaos Path part II)
8. Fire Blood Anger Chaos
9. Among Wolves
10. Der Blutmarsch
11. The Living Flame
12. White Kingdom of Ice (an Ancient Story)
13. Hallowed 'til the Downfall
14. Unter Woelfen
15. Dark Times (live)
16. The Living Flame (live)
17. Doom (live)