Jupiter Hollow - Distant Shadow


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Jupiter Hollow is a Canadian progressive rock band known for their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Led by Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry, the group also includes John-Ryan Godfrey and Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh. They have released two full-length albums, "AHDOMN" in 2018 and "Bereavement" in 2020, and are currently working on their third album. Rather than releasing the entire album at once, they plan to release it song by song, with each track designed to stand alone as well as be part of a cohesive whole. Their first song from the upcoming album, "Distant Shadow," is an anthem of acceptance and represents the beginning of one's process of finding happiness. Jupiter Hollow believes in creating a trail of treats for their fans to follow, rather than overwhelming them with a dense meal of music all at once.
Relentless, explorative, and intriguing, Jupiter Hollow continues to push the limits of progressive rock and is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Lamb of God.
“If Jupiter Hollow are emblematic of the next generation of progressive metal bands, a bright tomorrow lies ahead. Hugely impressive.” - Prog Magazine.
"Comparisons to bands like Tool, Live, A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails come easy and for good reason. This is the new generation of players who are putting their spin on all things progressive, industrial and synthy. The grandsons of Genesis and Yes, this is progressive rock for the youth of today who find the originators a bit to baroque for their tastes... Their sound is built to appeal to fans of so many genres and preferences it should be a slam dunk." - Skulls n' Bones
"JUPITER HOLLOW just produced the best prog metal album of all time this year, condensing, mixing and forging a hot musical steel here." - Prog Archives
"Each track displays plenty of musicianship from this young duo, with vocals continuing to strengthen and songwriting solidifying." - Heavy Music Headquarters
"A young Canadian duo ready to bring fans of complex music a spacey, experimental and refreshing experience… bursting with high-quality heaviness and progressiveness.” – The Headbanging Moose​