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The metal band NARCOTIC WASTELAND has announced their participation in several upcoming performances, including Denver DeathFest, Loud As Hell, and and more!
NARCOTIC WASTELAND is known for their heavy, intense music, and fans can expect a thrilling performance at each of these events. With their unique blend of thrash and heavy metal, the band has built a loyal following of fans who appreciate their meaningful and powerful music. As they continue to tour and perform, they're sure to attract new fans and bring their unique sound to even more people around the world.
Narcotic Wasteland, the band from South Carolina founded by guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade, has announced their participation in several festivals this year, including Denver DeathFest on April 20th and the Loud As Hell Festival in Canada in August. Toler-Wade has also revealed that the band is preparing to release their third album, which is yet to be titled, through Mega Force Records. The band has already released three singles, "Morality and the Wasp", "The Best Times Have Passed", and "Victims of the Algorithm", giving fans a taste of what's to come. For this album, they worked with engineer and producer Erik Schultek, who also produced their self-titled debut album. The upcoming album will be a follow-up to their second album "Delirium Tremens" released in 2017.
Narcotic Wasteland is a band inspired by thrash metal and classic heavy metal. They are getting better at writing meaningful and powerful music, with more thrash and speed, and less death metal. Fans of Vader, Death, The Crown, Autopsy, Pestilence, and Nile will surely enjoy their music. Toler-Wade is excited about their upcoming shows and new music, and they're all set to deliver a mind-blowing metal experience to their fans.
Show Dates:​
April 20 - The King Room - Denver, CO - Denver DeathFest
June 22 - Rubber Gloves - Denton, TX
June 23 - The Concert North - Houston, TX
June 24 - The Rail Club - Forth Worth, TX
June 25 - Boozerz Rock Club - Corpus Christi, TX
Aug 5 - Dinosaur Stampede Grounds - Drumheller, AB - Loud As Festival
Aug 12 - Zymurgy Brewing - Menomonie, WI - Zymurderfest


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Morality and the Wasp:

The Best Times Have Passed:

Victims of The Algorithm:

Narcotic Wasteland started as a side project Dallas Toler-Wade had been working on the past few years when he was not touring or in the writing/studio with metal heavyweights "Nile."
‘So I just started writing some songs kind of more in the style of things I was playing before my time in Nile. The more we started working on these demos the more we wanted to complete an album and take it to the stage!!! Our observation of what was going on in parts of the town we grew up in and in other parts of the world fueled a new level of angst for me personally.” DTW

"The song (Victims of the Algorithm) takes on lightning-fast and heavy riffs, in the tradition of the band, and the lyrics tackle our dependence on social media in the modern age." - Decibel Magazine
"Dallas-Toler Wade, back with the riffs. (The Best Times Have Passed) - Metal Injection