Temtris - Eternal Death Machine


Upcoming Release: Temtris - "Khaos Divine"

Khaos Divine is a metal concept album with a modern twist, taking listeners on a journey through a dystopian city where people can live forever at the cost of their freedom. The album features emotionally charged songs with catchy guitar riffs, memorable melodies, and the band's signature twin guitar harmonies. With powerful rhythms and soaring vocals, Temtris tells a story of salvation, betrayal, and despair. The album cover features a strong female character named "Ember," hinting at the strength and power of the music within.

"Khaos Divine" Album Teaser


Temtris - Eternal Death Machine

"Eternal Death Machine" is the second single taken from Temtris'7th studio album "Khaos Divine", due for release on March 17th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

Genevieve Rodda - Vocals
Anthony Fox - Lead Guitar
Nadi Norouzian -Lead Guitar
Nicholas Bolin - Drums
Vane Danov - Bass Guitar