Omega Diatribe - "Stench Of Demise"

Lesbian Bed Death - "The Mummy's Tomb"

Loaded Billy - "Legend"

Skulldozer - "Non Stop Ruthless Crushing"

Lesbian Bed Death - "Rhythm Of The Kill"

Azimut19 - "By Horizon"

Sol Negate - "A Mind That Bleeds"

4BanneD - Night of Sacrifice

Vented - "Cruelty and Corruption"

Slave Steel - Sorry About Death

Ren Marabou and the Berserkers - "Helgafjell"

Beyond God - "Cronos" (Live)

Eternal Returns - Hunchback Hatred

Bass Warrior Tour

Descent Rises - "Far From Glory"

Emergency Rule - "Corporation"

Descent - "Far From Glory"

Atlas : Empire - “God Is In The Rain”

Belle Morte - “Exorcism”

Unborn Prophecy - "Ancient Alchemy"