ALIS - Vai al Diavolo

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"Vai al Diavolo" is the latest single from ALIS, taken from their debut EP "Demone" released by Rusty Records. The track, which has a raw and gritty rock sound, was produced by Davide Gobello and conveys the message of freeing ourselves from the inner demons that hold us back. It encourages us to confront and release the pent-up anger within us to overcome our inner turmoil. "Go to hell" is a phrase used to express our frustration with feeling down, and a call to reject negativity in our lives. The song is a celebration of living life freely, without any restrictions or barriers.
According to ALIS, "Demone" is a journey of self-discovery, where we confront the pressures we face, both internal and external, and the toxic people that surround us. The EP is a collection of 7 songs that encompass different genres such as rock, alternative rock, punk, and grunge. It takes the listener through 7 stages of life that are full of obstacles and challenges, but with the right attitude, we can overcome them and write a better future for ourselves. It's a call to live life without regrets, and to always move forward with positivity and strength.

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Short Bio:
ALIS, also known as Alessia Picchiotti, is a rising star in the metal scene hailing from Rome. With her rebellious spirit, she brings a gritty edge to her songwriting, composition, and sound design. Her music is all about channeling the energy needed to overcome our fears and tackle life's challenges head-on. Through her powerful melodies and lyrics, ALIS inspires her fans to find their inner strength and embrace the metal lifestyle.