DOL - Amor Brutale


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Finnish dark rock/metal band DOL used their time during the COVID-19 pandemic wisely and wrote their second EP, "Amor Brutale" released on March 30th.. Guitarist/vocalist Eero "Mc" Veri mostly wrote the music and lyrics, but the band also jammed on some songs during rehearsals. The band worked hard to perfect their sound, using programmed drums and more heavy elements than on their first EP. The themes of love and its darker side, as well as the mind's darker side, are prevalent in the EP. The first single, "Lilith's Song," maintains the gothic romantic atmosphere of their first EP, while the second single, "Hand of Hate," explores the negative self-talk that plagues us all. Stratovarius guitarist Matias Kupiainen was involved as a co-producer and helped make the songs sound truly awesome.

DOL - Lillith`s Song


DOL - Hand Of Hate

Release: DOL - Amor Brutale
Format: Digital
Release Date: March30th 2023
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Melancholic Metal / Dark Rock
Country: Finland
01. Hand Of Hate
02. Dead By September
03. Lillith's Song
04. Drop Dead Vain
05. Pain Walk With Me