DemUnillusions - Edges


In memory of musician Artem Korablev

Orchestral metal band DemUnillusions has released a new single and lyric video titled "Edges" in memory of musician Artem Korablev. The video features the participation of Korablev's friends, family, and fans who wanted to honor his memory. Korablev's voice can be heard at the end of the video, as he had written and performed the song many years ago with Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka. The song was recorded by DemUnillusions after Korablev's death, with the support of Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka and fans who contributed to the lyric video. You can watch the video here:

Ayracsana (vocals)
Thomas (vocals, guitars)
JK (drums).
Featuring - Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka, Artem Korablev (vocals), Andrey Stezhnikov (bass), Grigory Sinyakov (vocals).