GRAVEWORM - We are the Resistance (AFM Records)


Upcoming Release:

On April 28, 2023, the legendary GRAVEWORM will be releasing their highly anticipated album, "Killing Innocence", through AFM Records, marking their first studio album in eight years. After the release of two singles, "Dead Words" and "Escorting The Soul", here is their latest single, "We Are The Resistance", released a few days ago.
Having formed in 1997 and with nine studio albums and numerous tours under their belt, including with Kataklysm, Vader, Satyricon and Destruction, GRAVEWORM is one of the most influential and respected bands in the dark and extreme metal scene. "Killing Innocence" showcases their unique blend of thrash, gothic, and death metal, displaying the band's signature powerful riffs, driving drums, and dark atmospheres, capturing the listener's attention from beginning to end.
The album pays tribute to the band's roots while staying fresh and contemporary, making it a must-have for fans of captivating and dark metal. With "Killing Innocence", GRAVEWORM solidifies their place as one of the best representatives of their genre, and their album is set to top the best-of lists in 2023!