MadHouse - Secret Antithesis


To discover:

Italian band MadHouse offers a solid hard rock influenced by genres such as alternative metal, crossover, and some vague punk rock on their latest album, "Secret Antithesis". The band features a female vocalist, Federica Tringali, and a well-known face in the metal scene, Carlos Cantatore, on drums. The sound is tough and tense in some episodes but it's difficult to strictly label it as metal.
The vocals of Federica, is technically flawless, in particular tracks like "Infected World" or "Voodoo Doll" that benefit from this vocal composure. Overall, the album is good.
MadHouse's strength lies in their live performances, where their power and forcefulness can truly shine. Some songs like "Thunder of Fire" and "Playing Rough Again" are incredibly powerful.
"Secret Antithesis" features 10 tracks, including "On The Fence," "When The Black Sun Dies," and "The Place Where I Belong." The album was released in 2023 under the Nadir Music label, with Federica Tringali on vocals, Filippo Anfossi on guitar, and Carlos Cantatore on drums. While this album might not be for those looking for a more Hard Rock experience, it still packs a punch and could be worth a listen for those seeking a rock experience.