Matt Matteo - J'en ai dit des conneries

To Discover:

Matt Matteo, a new talent in French rock Matt Matteo is an artist who is brimming with passion, dreams, and a desire to create something with his own hands. He proves it with his debut single, "J’en ai dit des conneries" (I've said a lot of bullshit), released on February 14th under M&O Music. This track speaks about weariness, boredom, and the longing for a collective awakening, all while offering a rather pessimistic view of the current world.

Matt Matteo presents an Alt Pop Us and Pop Rock sound, all in the language of Molière! He learned music from the greats, musicians from renowned bands such as Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Blind Melon, Awolnation, Smashmouth, Enrique Iglesias, Ministry, Mindfunk, and Bellrays. His first EP, produced by Fred Duquesne, will be released in the fall of 2023.

Matt Matteo is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, promising to captivate us with his music and lyrics.

Matt Matteo - J'en ai dit des conneries (Lyric video)