brokNface - "Leave to Live"

Charcoal - "Rocks"

Sleazy Town - "Unfinished Business"


EKO - "Déficit d'Humanité"

Dead Tree Seeds - "Toxic Thoughts"

Near Death Experience - "Brief Is The Light"

Slave To Sin - "Control and Beliefs"


Bless Her EviL - "We Are Mystery"

Deep Within - "Deep Within"

CHARCOAL - "One Night of Rock’n’Roll"

Charcoal - "One Night of Rock’n’Roll"

Riffless - "Ghost is a Woman"

Lucide - "L'Adversaire"

Fifty One - "Love/Hate"

Run Ronie Run - "Baise le Monde"

Fifty one - "The Last One"

Run Ronie Run - "Baise Le Monde"

Anthares - Pain