My Own Ghost - Shadow People


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My Own Ghost has returned with their latest album "Shadow People", released on October 14th, 2022. The Luxembourg-based pop-rock band has been making waves beyond the borders of their small country for some time now, and "Shadow People" only solidifies their status as a band to watch.
The album is a collection of catchy, foot-tapping tunes with a strong rhythmic foundation. Although the use of samples in some of the songs may not add much to the music, My Own Ghost's radio-friendly sound is well-balanced with harder-edged tracks like "Number 2110" and album closer "Nightdrive".
Lead vocalist Julie has a sweet and melodic voice. Her vocal style is reminiscent of fellow rockers Pat Benatar and Lee Aaron. The band's rhythm section is tight, and the keyboards add a touch of atmosphere to the songs. While My Own Ghost doesn't necessarily have a unique sound, their catchy tunes are easy to sing along with and well-constructed.
Overall, "Shadow People" offers a solid collection of 13 tracks, and the band's rocking guitar riffs give the album a boost. You can check out the album on their Bandcamp page:

My Own Ghost - Number 2110


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