Nuclear Deathcount - Brutal


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Nuclear Deathcount is a metal band hailing from Virginia, formed in 2020. The band's original duo of rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Charlie Cook and drummer Gavin Casey aimed to create thrashing and headbanging music. The lineup was completed with the addition of lead guitarist Bob Scotto-Lavino and bassist Julio Torres after the band's first show in 2020. The band played several shows across Virginia and started working on their debut album.
After recording their first album, Serpents of the Flame and Adrenaline were released as singles in November of 2021. Following the album's release on January 22, 2022, entitled "The Next Metal Attack," NDC received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. The album comprises 9 tracks, featuring songs written and performed by Cook, Casey, Scotto-Lavino, and Torres. Arnold and Blazewick make guest appearances on backing vocals. The album seeks to bring back 80s thrash and hardcore elements while discussing contemporary societal problems such as politics, relationships, and growing up.