Osiris Rex - The Meek Shall Inherit


What's New:

Finnish-based thrash metal band, OSIRIS REX, which is fronted by US thrasher Superstar Joey Severance, has just released their second single, "The Meek Shall Inherit," from their upcoming debut EP, "Arrival of the New Dawn." The band is based in Tampere, Finland, and is well-known for their intense and fast-paced thrash metal sound. The single can be streamed on YouTube and the first single, "Lone Wolf Terror," featuring Michael "Big Maaaan" Rutten on solo, is also available for listening. Fans of the thrash metal genre should definitely give OSIRIS REX a listen!
Also check out the first single 'Lone Wolf Terror', feat. on solo: Michael “Big Maaaan” Rutten, at https://youtu.be/IL-BAxGFLl0
"Arrival of the New Dawn" recording lineup:
Superstar Joey Severance – Vocals
Ben Varon – All Guitars (except where noted) and Bass (Session Musician)
Oskari Niemi – Drums (Session Musician)
Music and Lyrics: Superstar Joey Severance
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by: Ben Varon
Mastered by: Ben Varon and Oskari Niemi
1. The Meek Shall Inherit
2. Arrival of the New Dawn
3. Lone Wolf Terror (Solo: Michael “Big Maaaan” Rutten)
4. Hot Stuff (Donna Summer Cover)
Arising from the destruction of TORNADO comes OSIRIS REX. The band's frontman, the renowned Superstar Joey Severance, had recorded three albums with Tornado, namely Amsterdamn, Hellsinki-Black President-Commitment to Excellence. The debut was produced by Peter Tagtgren, while their last album featured metal legends such as Karl Sanders (Nile), Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth), and Ross Dolan (Immolation). These albums received favorable reviews worldwide, and the band embarked on a European tour supporting Six Feet Under.
After the tour, just before the pandemic hit, SJS chose to disband Tornado for personal reasons and form a new lineup that would become Osiris Rex.
The band's debut EP, "Arrival of the New Dawn," which includes four tracks, showcases the band's musical direction, which is not too different from Tornado. Keep an eye out!
Osiris Rex focuses on crafting excellent, catchy songs and aims to advance the thrash genre for a new generation!
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/OsirisRex666