Ugly Kid Joe - That Ain't Livin'

To Discover:

Ugly Kid Joe is a band that doesn't seem to care about being innovative or groundbreaking, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Their latest album, "Rad Wings Of Destiny," is proof of that. The band still has a strong desire to parody other bands, as evidenced by the opening track "That Ain't Living," which could easily be mistaken for an AC/DC song from the Bon Scott era. While Whitfield Crane's vocals don't have the same roughness as Bon's, they still fit the song well. On the other side of the spectrum, there's the country-influenced "Everything's Changing," which has a pleasant acoustic feel reminiscent of their old hit "Cats In The Cradle". Overall, "Rad Wings Of Destiny" is a collection of 10 songs with one simple message: to create catchy tunes that make the listener feel good without taking themselves too seriously as musicians. The 80s-inspired heavy rock sound is familiar, but the clear production and fun production make it a worthwhile listen.