Vintersea - Woven into Ashes


Upcoming Release: Vintersea - Woven into Ashes

The upcoming release of the album 'Woven Into Ashes' features cover art by Xenoyr, the singer of Ne Obliviscaris, and was engineered by Gabe Johnston, who has worked with Unto Others and Silver Talon. Mixing was handled by the team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, who have worked with Rivers of Nihil, Lorna Shore, and Black Crown Initiate, while mastering was done by Troy Glessner, who has worked with Devin Townsend, Underoath, and Moonsorrow. Fans can now pre-order the CD, limited edition 2LP colored vinyl, and digital version of the album on the website.
According to Riley, the artwork reflects the complex range of sounds, energy, and emotions found within the album, and represents the journey of the character in the album who suffers, endures, and ultimately finds peace. The artwork also features graphical nods to songs and motifs found throughout the album. The album is scheduled for a May 5th release on CD and digital formats, with the vinyl release coming later in the summer. The band will be touring with Portugal's gothic metal band MOONSPELL, joined by Swedish symphonic metal act ELEINE and Texas' progressive metal band OCEANS OF SLUMBER, starting on the same day as the album release.
Album: Woven into Ashes
Country: USA
Genre: Blackened Progressive Metal
Release date: May 5th, 2023

VINTERSEA - At the Gloaming Void


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VINTERSEA - Unveiling Light

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VINTERSEA is a band hailing from the Pacific Northwest, blending majestic progressive metal, harsh blackened death, and post-metal beauty to create a unique sound. Led by Avienne, a Malaysian-born singer with a hauntingly beautiful voice and fierce growls, their music is heavy, technically impressive, and emotionally charged. The band has amassed a devoted following through their impressive music videos, social media outreach, and tours with notable acts such as Dawn of Ouroboros, Graveshadow, and Voices of Ruin. They have also shared the stage with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, Thulcandra, Wolfheart, Ne Obliviscaris, Jinger, The Ocean, Arkona, and Sirenia. With a new album and proper management, VINTERSEA is poised for growth and continued success in the metal scene.
Avienne – Vocals
Riley Nix – Guitar
Jorma Spaziano – Guitar
Karl Whinnery – Bass
Jeremy Spencer – Drums
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