Volucrine - Combatant


What's New:

Volucrine, a Finnish band of Alternative Metal, is known for their unique blend of different musical genres, creating an authentic and uncompromising sound. The band was formed in 2009 and established their foundation on technical riffs and pounding rhythms with multicolored vocal arrangements, showcasing their dynamic dialogue between aggressive and clean vocal parts to emphasize their lyrics' emotions and themes.
Having released three full-length albums, two EP's, and enduring a long pandemic period, Volucrine is now focusing on the future. They have planned to release a new album in 2023, and was released several singles at regular intervals throughout. The band, known for their influence from rock and pop music, will return to a heavier metal sound for their new material. Their new songs are characterized by deep contrasts, utilizing the lowest tunings, most engaging subjects, and heaviest riffs in the band's history.