Weightless World - Speedrun


What's New:

Weightless World, the Finnish melodic metal act, has released their latest single "Speedrun", a head-on metal song about perseverance. The song was originally an experiment with a Drum and Bass track, but after saving the main lead in the intro, the group found it would make for a much better metal song. Inspired by a style of "modern Swedish metal arrangement," the group finished the song in only a couple of hours while embracing many clichés.
The fast-paced song, as the name suggests, is filled with power and a great catchy chorus, but also contains a few twists. The drummer, Kari Rannila, had no say in the tempo, but he praises the song, "Otherwise, it has power and a great catchy chorus, but I really need to get my legs working for it."
Lead vocalist Perttu Korhonen delivers a stunning performance in the studio with lyrics inspired by the infamous video game Dark Souls. The lyrics portray perseverance on many levels, from grinding in a video game to a modern-day real-life grind on working towards what you want.
Guitarist Valtteri Viinikka praises Korhonen's vocal performance in the studio and the lyrics he wrote, "I would love to hear the song in a sports event or even have it as an entrance song for an athlete or a team before a match."
Weightless World released their debut album, "The End of Beginning," in 2019, and the next full-length album is set to release next Fall. The band is made up of Perttu Korhonen on lead vocals, Valtteri Viinikka on growls and backing vocals and guitar, Juuso Oinonen on backing vocals and guitar, Tino Kantoluoto on bass guitar, and Kari Rannila on drums.
Fans can watch the lyric video for "Speedrun" on YouTube or listen to the single on music services. With the release of "Speedrun," Weightless World continues to push their boundaries, combining elements of different genres to create their unique sound.
Weightless World is:
Perttu Korhonen - Lead vocals
Valtteri Viinikka - Growls & backing vocals, guitar
Juuso Oinonen - Backing vocals, guitar
Tino Kantoluoto - Bass guitar
Kari Rannila - Drums