CC and the Devils Pick - My Friend The Crow


What's New:

CC and The Devils Pick, the solo project of hard rock guitarist Chris Charles, has released the debut single "My Friend the Crow". The project started with Charles playing southern-style slide guitar music on an acoustic guitar and grew to include bass, pedal steel, dobro, and drums.
The sound features atmospheric and gothic themes with slide guitars and Charles' low baritone voice. Charles drew inspiration from horror, paranormal experiences, and the darker sides of human nature to write the songs, including double meanings and cryptic lyrics.
The first single, "My Friend the Crow," was inspired by natural events but suggests darker matters. The music video, shot by James Joseph, was described as nerve-wracking by Charles but professional and comfortable. The solo effort is a new direction for Charles, who previously played with Blind River and Godsized, and he is excited to see how his music is received by fans, with two more singles and a full-length album in the pipeline.