Callidice - Treehouse


It was released in 2021:

Finnish melodic death metal band Callidice has been making waves with their EP Shades Among Us, which was digitally released on June 9th, 2021, via Inverse Records. Although it's been a couple of years since its release, it still packs a punch and is worth revisiting.
The EP tells a story of a dystopian world where tyrants rule with an iron fist, and citizens have become mere puppets. Their rights and opportunities are taken away, and tensions simmer just below the surface. Callidice's music reflects the global situation of the modern world and the band's dissatisfaction with the positions of power.
Callidice formed in Jyväskylä, Finland in late 2014 by a group of five friends who enjoyed various styles of metal music. Their unique sound combines tones of melodic death metal with elements of industrial metal, resulting in a sound that is both familiar and original.
After the release of their debut album Anthem for Resistance in 2018, the band embarked on a mission to conquer stages all over Finland. Unfortunately, their lead vocalist parted ways with the band in late 2019. Undeterred, Callidice began seeking a new singer and found one in early 2020. Inspired by their new sound, the group began working on new material, resulting in the three-song EP Shades Among Us.
Despite its release in 2021, the EP still manages to captivate listeners with its dark and powerful sound. With its catchy melodies and intense vocals, Shades Among Us is a must-listen for fans of melodic death metal.
01. Shades Among
02. Emperor's New Clothes
03. Happiest Country
04. Treehouse