Cynik Scald - Jarl's Funeral


It was Released in 2021:

Cynik Scald Unleashes Epic Viking Metal Anthem with Their 2021 Single
In a time where the gods of metal continue to bless us with mighty releases, let us journey back to the year 2021, when Cynik Scald graced the realms of music with their powerful Viking metal anthem. Although the release may be a bit older, its impact and ferocity are timeless, resonating with the hearts of metalheads around the world.
Cynik Scald - Jarl's Funeral
From the very first note, this song strikes with an intense energy that can only be described as a sonic assault. The combination of hard-hitting guitar riffs and thunderous drums, blended with the enchanting sounds of tambourines, creates an atmosphere that embodies the true spirit of Viking metal. It's as if Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, Einherjer, and Týr joined forces and forged a unique alliance with the distinctive style of Cynik Scald. This fusion of melodic metal, melodic death metal, gothic symphonic metal, and folk metal, with subtle hints of power metal, elevates the song to epic proportions.
While we may find ourselves in the year 2023, let us not forget the power and impact of this remarkable release from Cynik Scald. It stands as a testament to their talent and artistic vision, capturing the essence of Viking metal in all its glory. So, let us raise our horns and immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Cynik Scald, where battles are fought, legends are born, and metal reigns supreme.
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Journey back to the year 2021 and immerse yourself in the power and intensity of their Viking metal anthem. Follow them at and let the music transport you to the frozen lands of the North, where warriors roam and metal echoes through the mountains.
So, my fellow metal brethren, let us turn back the sands of time and honor the impact of Cynik Scald's 2021 release. Raise your swords high, unleash your battle cries, and embark on a journey through the realms of Viking metal. May the gods of metal guide your path and may Cynik Scald's music forever ignite the fire within your soul. Skål!