Endless Exam - I Ain't Your Toy


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Finnish Metal Band Endless Exam Drops Final Single Ahead of Debut Album Release
Endless Exam, the Finnish metal band that took the scene by storm in 2020, is about to unleash their debut album, 'Voice of Passion and Agony', on June 2nd, 2023. But before that, they have released the final single, 'I Ain't Your Toy,' which the band's singer, Nina Kuronen, says is about a relationship that went haywire.
In the song, one person wants to take things to the next level, while the other is only interested in their own desires and selfish goals. Eventually, things boil over, and the situation turns completely upside down.
Endless Exam describes the single as "straight-forward and grooving" with "slightly industrial-vibes." The big chorus is sure to get the crowd going, and the band believes it will be a staple of their live gigs.
Endless Exam was founded in 2020, and since then, they have been making waves in the theatrical modern metal scene. The band consists of Nina Kuronen on vocals, Jukka Saarinen on guitar, Tuomas Vartiainen on bass, and Joni Kouki on drums.
The music video for 'I Ain't Your Toy' is out now, and you can also listen to the single on various music services. As the release of their debut album draws closer, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. Endless Exam has already made a name for themselves, and it looks like they are just getting started.
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Endless Exam - I Ain't Your Toy

Endless Exam is:
Vocals: Nina Kuronen
Guitar: Jukka Saarinen
Bass: Tuomas Vartiainen
Drums: Joni Kouki