Entering Polaris - The Tempest And The Sea


Upcoming Release:

Tom Tee, a Belgian Progressive Metal artist, has released the music video for his new single, "The Tempest And The Sea", which is taken from the double-album "Entering Polaris: Atlantean Shores and And Silently The Age Did Pass". This is the second promotional video single from the double-release, which features David Marcelis from THORIUM and LORD VOLTURE on vocals. The song is an epic track with an extended running time and many different sections that serves as a metaphor for the tempestuous and often capricious nature of the sea, of nature itself, and of the human spirit. The music video features both a younger and an older actor enduring the storms of life, with the elder character being no longer daunted in confronting the storm.

The double-album "Entering Polaris: Atlantean Shores and And Silently The Age Did Pass" is the first of two double-albums and features 23 songs and 2 hours of music. The albums will be released on June 22nd, 2023, and will be available on 2 CDs and as a luxury 3-LP trifold package. The vinyl edition will be limited to 250 copies. Both records are two different sides of the same coin, with one being electric, energetic, heavy, and progressive, and the other being fully acoustic, haunting, and melancholic, with real string sections, choirs, and classical percussion.
Tom Tee launched Entering Polaris in 2018 with the debut album "Godseed". The idea behind Entering Polaris is to create music that unites influences from all the kinds of music Tom has loved since his teenage years and which also brings together a plethora of stunning vocalists from all across the scene. Due to the large number of songs that are continuously being written, Tom Tee decided to write and produce four full-length albums this past year. These albums will be released as two double-releases, with the first comprising "Atlantean Shores" and "And Silently The Age Did Pass". The double-release features several vocalists, including Mike Andersson, Nick Holleman, Sindre Nedland, Thomas Vikström, Audrey Dandeville, Roy Khan, Benny Willaert, Henrik Fevre, Arno Menses, Fabio Lione, Jeffrey Rademakers, Lance King, Louis Soenens, Georg Neuhauser, John Yelland, and Anneleen Olbrechts. 


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