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HIBRIA: Brazilian Power Metal masters release "Me7amorphosis"
Brazilian power metal band Hibria is back with their latest album "Me7amorphosis". Released on February 23, 2022, the album features 11 tracks, including an acoustic version of "Meaning of Life".
Formed in 1996 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Hibria has been known for their powerful, heavy metal sound and technical musicianship. "Me7amorphosis" continues this trend, showcasing the band's growth and evolution while staying true to their roots.
The album kicks off with "War Cry", a high-energy track that sets the tone for the rest of the record. From there, Hibria takes the listener on a journey through a range of emotions and experiences. From "Shine" and "The Racer" to the aggressive riffs of "Raging Machine" and "Tribal Mark", the album has something for every fan of heavy metal.
One standout track is "Meaning of Life", a powerful anthem that speaks to the search for purpose and meaning in life. The acoustic version of the song, included as a bonus track, adds a new dimension to the already powerful lyrics and showcases the band's versatility.
Overall, "Me7amorphosis" is a strong addition to Hibria's discography and a testament to the band's enduring passion for heavy metal. Fans of the band and the genre as a whole won't want to miss this latest offering from one of Brazil's finest metal acts.