Lee O'Nell Blues Gang - Don't Hate Me Because I'm Happy


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Lee O'Nell Blues Gang is back with their latest single, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Happy", which was written during the pandemic and presents a mix of a pessimistic and realistic point of view. The lyrics by Gipsy Bacuet explore two different perspectives: one person who is constantly waiting for better days but not taking any action for change, and another who refuses to be devoured by gloom and instead chooses to be happy despite their troubles.
On the music side, Lionel Wernert's exceptional talent as a composer is evident once again, as he perfectly illustrates the words with a throbbing and repetitive rhythm to represent the mundane aspect of the situation. The drum pulsation is like the hand of a clock that only stops when one accepts the action for a future change of perspective. Meanwhile, the guitar solo is brought in by a long rise of the Hammond organ, suggesting the pressure that rises until the explosion and anger in the face of this lack of combativeness from one of the two protagonists of the story. The track ends with a clear and precise conclusion, like the end of a discussion that will not succeed.
Lionel and Gipsy have a great working relationship and always enjoy talking together about the songs they create. They have a great knack for collaborating, with the guitar answering or illustrating the words of the voice. "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Happy" is yet another testament to Lee O’Nell Blues Gang's exploration of human emotions and relationships.
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