Mineral Reflectance - "Des chemins de vie"

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Mineral Reflectance Unleashes "Des chemins de vie": A Journey into Contradiction and Musical Brilliance
In a world where the mysticism of lithotherapy clashes with the scientific study of mineral reflectance, one band emerges to explore the intricate balance between belief and knowledge. Mineral Reflectance, the brainchild of ZagZero (renowned for his work with Akphaezya and as a composer), delivers a captivating blend of Post-Black and Progressive Death Metal. Their album, "Des chemins de vie," released digitally on December 5, 2021, followed by a limited edition collector's double vinyl.
Mineral Reflectance introduces us to a captivating paradox. On one hand, the esotericism of lithotherapy, with its belief in the power of stones, and on the other, the scientific study of mineral reflectance, which reveals each mineral's unique signature. This contradiction mirrors the human experience, trapped between the abstract and the concrete. Mineral Reflectance employs this contradiction to depict the diverse feelings, sensations, and experiences of the seven participating vocalists across the seven songs.
The roster of vocalists and lyricists for Mineral Reflectance reads like a who's who of the metal scene, featuring members from Akphaezya, Impureza, Déhà, Nesseria, Carnival In Coal, Freitot, Yorblind, and more. Each vocalist pens a piece of their lives, sharing personal struggles, experiences, and emotional landscapes. Drawing inspiration from the world of lithotherapy, each song takes its title from a specific stone, chosen by the vocalist to reflect the lyrical themes and the corresponding virtues associated with the stone. This interplay between tangible experiences and abstract hopes creates a riveting contrast throughout the album.
Here's the lineup of vocalists for each Mineral Reflectance song:
"Obsidian": Arno Strobl (Carnival in Coal, 6:33, We all die (laughing), Freitot...)
"Quartz": JR (Nesseria, Speed Jesus)
"Chrysocolle": Hakata Ooh (Akphaezya, Santa Cadabra)
"Septaria": Déhà (Déhà, We all die laughing)
"Tourmaline noire": Steph Béguier (Akphaezya, Orlova, Those Bloody Arms, Zapiratz)
"Spectrolite": Ben (Dewey, Nesseria, Zapiratz, Shedding)
"Spinel Black": ZagZero (Akphaezya, Zapiratz, Those Bloody Arms)
ZagZero's musical prowess shines throughout the album, with him composing, playing, and recording all the music and solos. However, there are a few notable exceptions, such as Steph Béguier (Akphaezya, Orlova, Those Bloody Arms, Zapiratz) lending his bass skills on "Obsidian" and featuring guitar solos by Lionel Cano Munoz (Impureza) on "Chrysocolle" and Mike (Yorblind) on "Spectrolite."
Complementing the remarkable sonic journey of "Des chemins de vie" is the stunning artwork by Lae Rastrelli and the intricate logo designed by ZagZero himself. These visual elements enhance the overall experience and invite listeners to delve deeper into the album's multifaceted themes.
Mineral Reflectance's "Des chemins de vie" stands as a testament to the band's ability to navigate the intricate intersection of belief and knowledge. Through their captivating compositions and thought-provoking lyrics, Mineral Reflectance takes listeners on a musical odyssey filled with intense emotions and intricate melodies. The album's seven songs, with an additional bonus track for the vinyl edition, weave a tapestry of contrasting elements that reflect the human experience.
"Quartz" delivered by JR (Nesseria, Speed Jesus), each song carries a unique weight and significance. Hakata Ooh (Akphaezya, Santa Cadabra) pours his heart into the haunting melodies of "Chrysocolle," while Déhà (Déhà, We all die laughing) evokes a sense of raw vulnerability in the atmospheric masterpiece, "Septaria."
With ZagZero at the helm, the album's musical tapestry comes alive with his masterful composition and intricate guitar work. His meticulous attention to detail shines through each track, painting vivid sonic landscapes that intertwine with the poignant lyrics penned by the vocalists.
"Des chemins de vie" is more than just an album; it's an immersive experience that invites listeners to explore their own contradictions and embrace the complexities of human existence. Mineral Reflectance has crafted a work of art that transcends genre boundaries, combining elements of Post-Black and Progressive Death Metal to create a truly unique and introspective sound.
As the final notes of the album fade away, one is left with a sense of awe and a desire to embark on this musical journey once again. Mineral Reflectance has once again proven their ability to create a profound connection with their audience, leaving a lasting impact on the metal scene.
Whether you are drawn to the esoteric mysticism of lithotherapy or captivated by the scientific study of mineral reflectance, "Des chemins de vie" offers a musical experience that resonates deep within the soul. Mineral Reflectance has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in the world of metal.
So, immerse yourself in the enigmatic realm of Mineral Reflectance, let the melodies wash over you, and allow "Des chemins de vie" to guide you through a world of contradictions, emotions, and extraordinary musical brilliance.