Pestilence - "Exitivm"


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Pestilence: a smashing comeback with "Exitivm"
Dutch death metal band Pestilence is back with their latest album, "Exitivm". After a long absence, fans were eager to discover what Pestilence had in store for them. And it's safe to say that the band has met expectations.
"Exitivm" is an album that will delight old-school death metal fans. It is filled with aggressive riffs, impressive guitar solos, and catchy rhythmic grooves. The sound is heavy and powerful, which is perfect for this kind of music.
The album begins with the intro "In Omnibvs", followed by the title track "Morbvs Propagationem", which is intense and sets the tone with impressive guitar solos and relentless drumming.
The highlight of the album is undoubtedly the song "Deificvs". This song is a true death metal masterpiece. The guitar riffs are memorable and Mameli's vocals are both brutal and melodic. The guitar solos are also exceptional, with complex harmonies and catchy melodies.
The rest of the album does not disappoint either. The songs "Entrapment" and "Dominvs" are both fast and furious death metal tracks, while "The Secular Age" is slower and darker but equally powerful.
Beyond the musical aspect, "Exitivm" is also a very well-produced album. The sound is clear and powerful, which allows one to fully enjoy the music.
In the end, Pestilence has made a triumphant comeback with "Exitivm". This album is a must-have for all death metal fans and an excellent entry point for newcomers. It shows that Pestilence is still capable of producing high-quality death metal, even after all these years.