Pontillo and The Vintage Crew - Long Time Gone


What's New:

Gianni Portillo, known as the lead singer of German band Victory, has also been busy with his own band, Pontillo and the Vintage Crew. The band brings a groovy bluesy heavy rock sound to the table, which is sure to impress fans of bands such as Black Crowes, Whitesnake, and similar acts. Their debut album, "For The Love of Blues," is a collection of 10 well-executed and catchy songs that will have listeners tapping their feet and swaying along to the rhythm.
One of the standout moments on the album is Portillo's vocal performance on "Falling in Love," showcasing his range and power as a singer. The band takes a simple yet attractive approach to the music, eschewing any unnecessary flash or ego in favor of soulful vocals, driving rhythms, and skillful tempo changes. The Hammond organ also adds a warm and inviting undercurrent to many of the songs, adding to their overall appeal.
The album kicks off with the swinging title track, setting the tone for a soulful and energetic ride. The catchy "Long Time Gone" is another standout track, with its infectious melody and emotional delivery. The ballad "Between the Lines" also deserves special mention, with its irresistible piano and heartfelt lyrics.
While the sound and style of Pontillo and the Vintage Crew may be familiar, the band's musical prowess is undeniable. "For The Love of Blues" is a high-quality album that will impress listeners with its skillful performances and catchy hooks. If you're a fan of bluesy heavy rock, this album is definitely worth checking out.