Pronostic – Chaotic Upheaval

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Pronostic, a melodic death metal band hailing from small towns around Montreal, has been on the scene for 12 years now, and has recently released albums that showcase a fusion of different styles. The band strikes a balance between brutality and emotions, which is a reflection of their lives and experiences. With each new release, their music gets more profound, both musically and lyrically.
Their lyrics revolve around life’s events and emotions that we all experience. Words that express feelings of heartbreak, frustration, and reflection are often more effective than great speeches that do not reach us. This is what makes Pronostic unique, as they infuse their songs with meaningful lyrics that resonate with their audience.
Their journey began in 2008 when the group was called Warfare, a trio of young students who shared the same passion for hard metal. In 2010, they took a more professional path and recorded their first album, Deviated Inner Spectrum, which marked the birth of Pronostic. The word Pronostic, meaning "judgment made by a doctor (after diagnosis) on the duration and outcome of an illness," perfectly sums up the band's mentality: to keep on going no matter what the outcome of a situation is.
The enthusiasm for Pronostic's music was already there when their first album was released, and it only grew as the band shared the stage with big names like Dying Feotus, Beyond Creation, and Anonymus. In 2015, they joined forces with metal producer Christian Donaldson, who is recognized for mixing big titles from bands like Shadow of Intent, Crytopsy, Beyond Creation, and The Agonist. The release of their second album, An Atomic Decision, solidified Pronostic's vision, and they began touring the region, performing special shows, and doing interviews.
When society came to a halt, Pronostic kept going, adding elements to their music and vocals that had never been heard before. With their latest album, the band continues to surprise their fans with their unique style, while also seeking out new opportunities to showcase their talent on a larger scale. Despite the uncertainty of what the future holds, Pronostic is confident in their ability to keep pushing forward and producing great music.

PRONOSTIC - L'impureté Globale (Official Music Video) Technical / Progressive Melodic Death Metal

01. Indefinite Continuity
02. Massive Disillusion
03. Conclusion Impromptue
04. Concealed Parasite
05. Waves
06. Bare and Wretched
07. L’impureté Globale
08. Drained by Remorse
09. The Pure Celestial Being
10. Abstract Entity