Rylos - Icebreaker (feat. Piritta Lumous)

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"Rylos Unleashes a Heart-Melting Avalanche with 'Icebreaker' ft. Piritta Lumous!"
Rylos, the Finnish rock sensation, is back with a scorching new single that will melt your heart: "Icebreaker". And they've enlisted the enchanting vocals of Piritta Lumous from Manzana to join them on this epic track.
Rylos - Icebreaker (feat. Piritta Lumous)
Imagine a frigid tale about a no-nonsense businessman who plunges into the "lion's den" as the boss, only to encounter an icebreaker that warms even the coldest of hearts. That's the captivating storyline behind this song.
"We were part of the Road to Neon Waylay Tour alongside Manzana. Our musical styles are closely aligned, so it was a no-brainer to ask Piritta Lumous to lend her incredible voice to the track. The result is perfection, and the story truly comes alive," reveals lead singer Mikko Heino.
Since their inception in 2013, Rylos has been unleashing a torrent of energetic and melodic rock music. With their beloved carrot mascot leading the way, they have conquered the scene with four albums, five singles, a video game, and an extensive tour across Finland, solidifying their reign in the rock empire. 
Known for their mind-blowing live performances, Rylos always delivers a jaw-dropping 200% on stage.
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Rylos Lineup:
Mikko Heino: The Voice that roars
Jussi Uutela: The Guitar Hero
Riina Suikkanen: The Bass Sorceress
Jere Anttonen: The Thunderous Drums of Doom
Special Guests:
Piritta Lumous: Vocals that bewitch
Harri Halonen: Keyboards that mesmerize
The recording, helmed by the talented Harri Halonen, captures the essence of Rylos' electrifying sound. Juha-Pekka Pusa takes charge of the bass recording, ensuring each note resonates with power. And with the mixing and mastering prowess of Petteri Siren, the sonic landscape of "Icebreaker" is taken to extraordinary heights.
Prepare to be shattered by the icy grip of Rylos' "Icebreaker" as it breaks through the barriers of conventional rock music. Let the melodic fire burn and your soul soar on the wings of this exhilarating anthem.