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Sound Affliction Unleashes Debut Single "The End" with a Heavy Punch
Sound Affliction - The End (Single Promo)
Brisbane is about to experience a seismic shift in its music scene as Sound Affliction, a new band on the block, releases their debut single, "The End". Prepare yourselves for a heavy and melodic onslaught that will leave you craving more.
"The End" addresses the universal struggles we all face in our daily lives, pushing ourselves to the brink to meet societal expectations. It's a song that strikes a chord with listeners, resonating with the pressures and challenges we endure.
Teaming up with the esteemed producer Nik Carpenter from Core Studios/Records, Sound Affliction has crafted a sound that is both modern and powerful. With a thick and resonating production, this debut single is sure to captivate fans of heavy music, combining impactful lyrics with a thought-provoking musical backdrop.
Comprised of seasoned musicians who have honed their craft in bands such as Black Whiskey, Scandal Tree, and Don't Come Monday, Sound Affliction brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. Their sound is a perfect blend of the familiar and the innovative, paying homage to their influences while carving their own unique path.
But "The End" is just the beginning for Sound Affliction. The band is already hard at work, crafting more releases that will push the boundaries of their sound and solidify their position in the music scene. Brisbane and beyond, brace yourselves for what this talented group has in store.
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Prepare to be immersed in their heavy soundscape and join the growing legion of fans eagerly awaiting their next move.
Sound Affliction is here to disrupt the status quo and deliver a dose of heavy music that will leave you begging for more. Get ready to embrace the affliction and witness the rise of this exciting new force in the metal scene.
Prepare your eardrums, Brisbane, because Sound Affliction is here to shake the foundations of the metal scene with their heavy and melodic assault on the senses. This talented quartet hails from the land down under, ready to ignite your soul with their blistering riffs, thunderous beats, and lyrics that will make you scream along in ecstasy.
Led by the charismatic and powerful vocalist Matty, formerly of Scandal Tree and Don't Come Monday, Sound Affliction takes pride in crafting lyrics that strike a chord deep within your being. Matty's voice cuts through the air like a razor-sharp blade, piercing the veil of any venue and compelling the crowd to jump out of their skins to groove along.
On the guitar, we have the mastermind behind the devastating riffs, Dan, formerly of Black Whiskey. His songwriting prowess and fretboard wizardry will transport you to a realm where every note resonates within your very core, electrifying your senses and leaving you craving more.
Drums are the heartbeat of any metal band, and Travis, formerly of Don't Come Monday, is a force to be reckoned with. With thunderous beats, double kicks that will make your heart race, and mind-bending fills, Travis propels Sound Affliction's songs into a realm of pure sonic intensity.
Completing the lineup is the smooth yet hard-hitting bassist, Wayne, formerly of Scandal Tree and Cactus Dill Dos. His basslines provide the foundation for the band's sound, seamlessly filling the gaps and propelling the tunes forward with subtle perfection.
Sound Affliction is gearing up to unleash their singles upon the world, and you won't want to miss their electrifying live performances. Keep your eyes peeled for their gig posters because this is a show that demands your presence. Get ready to be swept away by their heavy melodic tones that will leave you craving for more.
So, Brisbane, prepare to have your soul afflicted by the infectious sounds of Sound Affliction. Their irresistible blend of heavy and melodic music is set to conquer the scene, and you don't want to be left behind. Stay tuned for their upcoming releases and witness the rise of a band that is destined for greatness.