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AMNESIAK Unleashes Captivating Gothic Rock with Self-Titled EP
Prepare to be entranced by the haunting melodies and chilling atmosphere of AMNESIAK, the UK-based Alternative/Rock band that is taking the music scene by storm with their self-titled EP. Released on May 19, 2023, this captivating blend of Gothic Rock will leave you spellbound and craving for more. Brace yourself for an otherworldly journey as AMNESIAK showcases their unique sound and leaves an indelible mark on the musical landscape.
Led by the ethereal vocals of Grace Wilson and the mesmerizing musical compositions of Francesco Fonte, AMNESIAK presents a collection of tracks that delve into the depths of darkness and introspection. The EP features collaborations with high-profile musicians, including Matthew Setzer (Skinny Puppy) and Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy), who lend their expertise on guitar and bass, respectively. Adding to the EP's allure is the meticulous production by the award-winning Sound Engineer Maor Appelbaum, ensuring a sonic experience that is nothing short of exceptional.
Fans of Gothic Rock luminaries such as Chelsea Wolf, Knifeplay, Portishead, The Soft Moon, and Cocteau Twins will find solace in the haunting melodies of tracks like "Worms Of The Mind", "Elizabeth's Pleasure", "Morbid Bride", and "Harm's Way". Each song encapsulates a facet of AMNESIAK's dark and compelling sound, inviting listeners into a realm where music intertwines with raw emotion.
To accompany the release of their debut single, "Worms Of The Mind". AMNESIAK has teamed up with award-winning short horror filmmaker Matt Sears to create a chilling and eerie music video. This visual accompaniment further immerses the audience in the band's captivating world of darkness and mystery.
Formed in 2020, AMNESIAK is the brainchild of Grace Wilson and Francesco Fonte. With their self-titled EP already making waves, the band is poised to ascend to even greater heights. Currently, they are working on crafting more ethereal material that will captivate audiences worldwide. Furthermore, AMNESIAK is preparing to embark on a tour across the UK, EU, and USA, spreading their enigmatic sound to eager fans everywhere.
Join AMNESIAK on their journey into the depths of Gothic Rock, where music and emotion intertwine, and the sublime meets the surreal. Open your mind and let the ethereal melodies transport you to a realm of haunting beauty.