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Adokines Unleashes a Patagonian Punk Rock Storm with "Australis Disconforme"
Puerto Aysén, Chile - Brace yourselves for the roaring force of Adokines, the unruly purveyors of "Punk Rock Patagón." Their second studio album, "Australis Disconforme," delivers ten explosive tracks that capture the essence of their rebellious spirit. Inspired by the tumultuous events of the "Tu problema es mi problema" protests that shook the Aysén Region between February and March 2012, Adokines presents a musical manifesto that is as powerful as it is irreverent.
True to their roots, Adokines combines potent melodies with thought-provoking lyrics that tackle political issues, healthcare, social discontent, and everyday situations. Their sonic palette ranges from classic punk rock to hardcore, all with the purpose of critiquing and exposing facets of daily life and society. The album's artistic concept was crafted by the renowned regional muralist, Cristian "Charly" Bustamante, who contributed to the striking album cover and back artwork.
"This album is dedicated to all those who protested, fought, and mobilized during the Aysén social movement. It commemorates the 10-year anniversary of those events, and the artwork was designed with that purpose in mind. Moreover, several songs address social problems that fuel discontent, insecurity, and pent-up anger that eventually erupts. We strive to blend the everyday with social criticism. Some songs may seem humorous, irreverent, or sarcastic, but they reflect our reality, while others directly criticize specific issues," the band explains.

"Australis Disconforme" marks the band's first collaboration with the independent record label C.F.A (Corporación Fonográfica Autónoma), which has worked with renowned Chilean bands such as Fiskales Ad-hok, Los Peores de Chile, Hielo Negro, and Yajaira.
Formed by Pablo "Lokyllo" Rodríguez on guitar, Franco "Perro" Andrade on bass, and introducing Rodolfo "Pol" González on drums for this album, Adokines has been nominated and awarded as "Best Punk Band" by Uruguay's Pedimos Perdón Radio. All three members contribute their voices to the powerful and rebellious sound that defines Adokines.
Seeking to showcase and export their regional music to the rest of the country, Adokines is distributing physical copies of their album in CD format. You can acquire it directly from their website and social media platforms, with shipping available to every corner of Chile. You can also find it at "El Rinconcito del Rock" through their Facebook page or in their physical store located in the Biobío Region.
The new album is available on major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, YouTube Music, PortalDisc, and in the C.F.A disc catalog at

We invite you to immerse yourself in the sonic chaos of Adokines and experience "Australis Disconforme."
"Australis Disconforme" Tracklist:
La Partida de la Rutina
Resaca Social
Diputado Alcoholizado
El Aguante
Volantín de Cuero
Marrueco Abierto
Approximate Duration: 32:53