Dead Defined - Rise and Stall


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Dead Defined Returns with an Explosive Blast from the Past: "Rise and Stall"
Toronto-based powerhouse Dead Defined is back with a thrilling blast from the past as they unleash their hit single "Rise and Stall".
Originally released in July 2021, this track takes us on a nostalgic journey to the early 2000s, capturing the essence of the hard rock sound that dominated the era. Drawing inspiration from influential bands like Three Days Grace, Nickelback, and Papa Roach, Dead Defined has crafted a truly electrifying anthem that encapsulates the energy and edginess of that iconic time in music.
Dead Defined - Rise and Stall
"I wanted to go back to my roots on this song, the early 2000s hard rock type of vibes I grew up listening to", shares Craig Ewan, the creative force behind Dead Defined. "With influences like Three Days Grace, Nickelback, and Papa Roach in mind, I set out to write a real banger for this new release. I feel it's one of the most creative and edgy songs I've written, capturing a big hooky chorus and that true American hard rock song structure that was so popular then and now. I'm excited to see the feedback this song receives, both positive and negative".
"Rise and Stall" serves as the eighth single release from Dead Defined, accompanied by a visually captivating music video that amplifies the track's energy. The Industrial/Pop/Rock group continues to make their mark in the music scene, refusing to be confined to a single genre. Dead Defined masterfully blends anthemic hard rock with thought-provoking industrial pop elements, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.
Led by the dynamic vocalist and songwriter Craig Ewan, Dead Defined pushes boundaries and defies expectations. Ewan, formerly of Shadows in Red and a driving force behind Toronto hard rock band Waveline, brings his undeniable talent and vision to the forefront. The band's music effortlessly merges anthemic hard rock infectiousness with the captivating allure of industrial pop, leaving listeners craving more.
Fans can keep up with Dead Defined's captivating musical universe through the band's official website, which serves as a gateway to their rich discography. Additionally, Craig Ewan's personal Facebook page provides an intimate glimpse into the artist's world, allowing fans to engage with him on a more personal level. The band's YouTube channel offers a visual feast of captivating music videos and live performances, showcasing the raw energy and magnetic stage presence of Dead Defined.
For behind-the-scenes moments and exclusive content, follow Dead Defined on Instagram, and dive into their music on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The band's presence on SoundCloud also offers another avenue for fans to discover and enjoy their music.
Although "Rise and Stall" was released in 2021, its impact is still felt as Dead Defined continues to captivate audiences with their electrifying sound. Prepare to be transported back to the glory days of early 2000s hard rock as Dead Defined reignites the flames of nostalgia and delivers an unforgettable musical experience. Get ready to embrace the infectious spirit of Dead Defined and rock out to the explosive energy of "Rise and Stall."