Furies Feat. Alessia "Melany" Scolletti - "Rise and Shine"


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Furies Feat. Alessia "Melany" Scolletti: A Rocking Collaboration to "Rise and Shine" - New Single & Video!
In an exciting comeback, Furies teams up with the sensational Alessia Scolletti for an explosive new collaborative single! Just two months ago, Furies and Alessia met in Paris, where they unleashed their creative prowess and crafted the unforgettable anthem, "Rise and Shine". Not only that, but they also filmed a mind-blowing music video to accompany this sonic masterpiece.
"Rise and Shine" is a rock song that captures the essence of the glorious 80s and early 90s era, drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Van Halen, RATT, and Winger. The track takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, filled with energetic riffs and infectious melodies. It's the perfect mix to recharge your batteries and set your summer on fire!
Furies expresses immense gratitude to their devoted fans for their unwavering support throughout the years. They're thrilled to share this exciting new chapter with their loyal following.
The idea for "Rise and Shine" was born from a daydream concocted during the lockdown in October 2020. Picture amps blazing, Eddie Van Halen shredding his guitar in red, white, and black, the California sun shining down, and an air of freedom enveloping everything. But then reality hit hard—Eddie, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, had left this world. An idol had fallen, and Furies knew they had to pay homage to his legacy. Thus, the song was born, initially titled "Van Alien" in its demo version.
The genius behind this tribute is Sam, who composed the song. The goal was not to imitate Van Halen, but rather to capture the unparalleled energy that emanated from this iconic guitarist—an energy Furies have always deeply admired—and infuse it into their own sound.
To make this collaboration even more extraordinary, Furies enlisted the sensational Alessia Scolletti, known for her remarkable vocals as the lead singer for Era (Ameno!) and former member of Temperance. It's a Franco-Italian fusion of talent that will leave listeners awestruck. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Simone Mularoni of Domination Studio/DGM, while Igor Moreno of Labomatic Studios took charge of the recording. The music video, directed by Antoine Doyen, provides a glimpse behind the scenes of this epic collaboration, capturing the euphoria surrounding the recording of Alessia in Paris.
Witness the magic unfold in the official music video for "Rise and Shine" Feat. Alessia Scolletti. Brace yourself for a visual feast that captures the essence of this powerful collaboration: https://youtu.be/rwJzGAlJgjU
Furies' first album, "Fortune's Gate," released in October 2020, made waves across French and international media, including Rock Hard, Metallian, MyRock, Hard Force, France Inter, Les Inrocks, Rock Hard DE, Stormbringer, Legacy, Metal.de, Metalinside, and more. Since then, the band has undergone some lineup changes, currently consisting of the dynamic duo of drummer Zaza Bathory and guitarist Guillaume Jockey. "Rise and Shine" was recorded before the departure of Sam, who contributed his bass and guitar skills alongside Guillaume Jockey.
But fear not, Furies fans! Exciting plans are in the works for 2023, with new collaborative tracks on the horizon and a brand-new live lineup to be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more rock 'n' roll adventures from Furies!
\m/ Keep rocking! \m/
Guitar: Guillaume Jockey
Drums: Zaza Bathory
Guitar & Bass: Samuel Charles