Matt Matteo - Sans détonation

New Release:

Sans Détonation, the single that is shaking up French rock by Matt Matteo

Matt Matteo is a fearless rocker, and he proves it with his second single, "Sans détonation" (Without Detonation), released on April 13, 2023, under M&O Music. This track is a protest against a society that doesn't resemble him, suffocating and pushing him to the edge.

Matt Matteo delivers a grunge and pop rock sound that tears through, reminiscent of the bands from the 2000s. It was produced by Fred Duquesne, a metal maestro who has worked with Mass Hysteria, Watcha, and Bukowski, among others. The lyrics are uncompromising, expressing the frustration of an individual who feels marginalized, rejecting the norms and excesses imposed by the system.

This new single by Matt Matteo is a sonic slap in the face, immersing us in his authentic and rebellious universe. It follows his first track, "J’en ai dit des conneries" (I've said a lot of bullshit), which already spoke about his weariness and longing for a collective awakening. A debut EP is scheduled for release in the fall of 2023.

Matt Matteo - Sans détonation