Rage Unfold - Self Destruct


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🤘 Rage Unfold Obliterates the Metal Universe with "Self Destruct" - Prepare for a Virtual Meltdown! 🤘

Rage Unfold - Self Destruct
Brace yourselves, metalheads, because we're about to dive headfirst into the mind-blowing world of Rage Unfold! These virtual metal creators, hailing from Bulgaria, England, and Australia, have been unleashing aural chaos upon us for over two and a half months with their explosive single, "Self Destruct"! If Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden are your cup of spiked tea, then you're in for a wild ride with this electrifying trio.
Rage Unfold is not your average metal band. They transcend geographical limitations, teleporting their crushing soundwaves across borders and continents. With diverse skills and equal passion, they've mastered the art of punching out killer songs that will leave you gasping for air.
"Self Destruct" is a sonic eruption that will melt your face faster than a dragon's breath. From scorching guitar riffs that slash through the air like a flaming katana to thunderous beats that pummel your eardrums with the force of a battering ram, this single is a relentless assault on your senses. Get ready to lose yourself in a virtual mosh pit of mind-melting proportions.
If you want to support the virtual metal revolution, head over to Bandcamp and get your hands on "Self Destruct." Prepare to have your eardrums obliterated as you crank up the volume to unearthly levels and surrender yourself to the unrelenting power of Rage Unfold:
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Metalheads, even though "Self Destruct" has been detonating eardrums for over two and a half months, it's never too late to join the virtual metal revolution. Let the lightning-fast guitar solos electrify your veins, the thunderous rhythms shake your very core, and the soaring vocals ignite the eternal flame of metal within you. Rage Unfold is here to redefine the limits of musical destruction. Embrace the virtual madness, raise your horns, and let your soul be consumed by the ferocity of "Self Destruct"! 🤘🔥