Sixty Miles Down - She Burns


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Sixty Miles Down Sets the Rock World Ablaze with "She Burns": Prepare for a Fiery Inferno!

It's been ten days since Sixty Miles Down unleashed their latest single, "She Burns", and the music realm is still reeling from the explosive impact. Hailing from the revered northern New Jersey music scene, this formidable outfit has reignited the flames of hard rock and grunge, leaving fans craving for more of their scorching sound.
Sixty Miles Down - She Burns
Since their formation in 1996, Sixty Miles Down has been on a mission to make their mark. Consisting of a team of pro league musicians, this hard rock powerhouse delivers a dark, melodic, and unapologetically raw sound that hits you like a punch to the gut. Their chemistry is undeniable, and their music is a testament to their collective talent and unwavering passion.
Led by the charismatic and versatile John Mosco on vocals, guitars, and drums, and backed by the pulsating bass lines of Jay Brachman, Sixty Miles Down has crafted a signature style that stands tall on its own. Drawing influences from legendary rock heavyweights such as Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, and Corrosion Of Conformity, their sonic onslaught demands your attention and refuses to let go.
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Embrace the smoldering flames of Sixty Miles Down's hard rock inferno. "She Burns" is a testament to their relentless energy, undeniable talent, and unyielding passion for the art of rock. Allow the scorching waves to wash over you and join the ranks of Sixty Miles Down disciples as they ascend to the top of the rock world. Prepare for an inferno that will leave you burning with anticipation for what's to come.