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Slow Wake: Unleashing Sonic Chaos from the Depths of Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio - a city known for its rich musical history and gritty resilience. In the midst of the chaotic Covid pandemic, two guitarists, Dan Simone (Black Spirit Crown) and Matt Merchant, found solace in the creation of Slow Wake. Finally bringing their long-standing plans to fruition, the duo embarked on a journey to channel their emotions and experiences into a unique blend of musical styles.
As the world crumbled around them, Simone and Merchant harnessed the turmoil and channeled it into their music. Their jam sessions birthed something extraordinary - a captivating fusion of Matt's post-rock/americana vibes intertwining with Dan's stoner doom, creating a mesmerizing juxtaposition of ethereal psychedelia and cathartic power.
Soon, the duo welcomed bassist Joe Fortunato (Sparrowmilk, Venomin James) and drummer Jeff Larch (Black Spirit Crown, Reginleif) into the fold, and the riffs began to flow like molten lava. The result was a sonic concoction that defied categorization, blending post-rock, doom, heavy psych, and outer space vibes. Critics have described it as "like staring out into the abyss of Lake Erie at sunset on a few hits of acid as the sun burns the water." Slow Wake wasted no time, hitting the ground running with their first show in June 2021 and captivating audiences throughout the region.
Slow Wake - "Controlled Burn"

Sharing stages with heavyweights like Lo-Pan, Frayle, Telekinetic Yeti, Heavy Temple, Caustic Casanova, and fellow Argonauta Records alumni The Lucid Furs, Slow Wake established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their appearance at the Ohio Doomed and Stoned Fest further solidified their position in the local metal scene.
Steve Howe of Outlaws of the Sun praised Slow Wake, noting that the band "weaves complex musical imagination with top-notch instrumental work." Their dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of their musical imagination has garnered them a growing fan base and critical acclaim.
As the world slowly emerges from the darkness, Slow Wake continues to rise, embracing the chaos and transforming it into sonic landscapes that captivate the senses. With their unique blend of genres and an insatiable appetite for exploration, Slow Wake is poised to leave an indelible mark on the metal scene.

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