TEMOR - "My Sorrow's Rage"


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TEMOR Unleashes Melodic Black/Death Metal Fury with "My Sorrow's Rage" - Prepare for a Storm of Epic Proportions!
Attention, metalheads! Brace yourselves for the thunderous onslaught of TEMOR, the Greek powerhouse of Melodic Black/Death Metal. With their latest single, "My Sorrow's Rage," this dynamic quartet is set to conquer the metal realm and leave a trail of sonic destruction in their wake.
Featuring an impressive lineup consisting of Theo on guitar, Thyragon on vocals, Konstantinos on Halldorophone (yes, you read that right!), and Giorgos on bass, TEMOR is ready to unleash their melodic intensity upon the world. Their music is a captivating fusion of dark, melancholic melodies and ferocious rhythms, drawing inspiration from the likes of Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Nightrage, In Flames, Dissection, and Dark Funeral.
"My Sorrow's Rage" serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the dark depths of TEMOR's forthcoming debut album, slated to ravage your eardrums later this year. Mixed and mastered by the renowned Psychon of Septic Flesh fame at Sound Abuse Productions, this single is a potent showcase of the band's unyielding talent and sonic mastery.
To accompany the release, TEMOR has unveiled a mesmerizing music video that will transport you into a world of darkness and despair. Immerse yourself in the visual feast on their official YouTube channel, and prepare to be captivated by their powerful performance.
TEMOR - "My Sorrow's Rage"
You can experience the relentless fury of "My Sorrow's Rage" now on all major digital platforms, including Spotify. Don't miss the opportunity to witness TEMOR's musical prowess firsthand - head over to Spotify and crank up the volume to eleven!
But wait, there's more! TEMOR kindly requests your support in spreading the word about their music. Whether you're a reviewer, radio host, or podcast creator, this is your chance to join forces with the band and contribute to their epic journey. Conduct interviews, play their tracks, and explore all the possibilities to showcase TEMOR's talent to the world. Your support will make a significant difference in helping this band reach new heights and conquer new audiences.
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TEMOR is here to reignite your love for Melodic Black/Death Metal. Prepare for the storm, embrace the darkness, and join them on their journey of sonic fury. The metal gods have spoken, and their name is TEMOR! \m/