The Nearlies - "Polska Konitski"


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French-Finnish Ghost Rock Phenomenon Strikes Again: The Nearlies Unleash "Polska Konitski", the First Single from Upcoming Album "Fresh Memories"!
Hold on to your leather jackets and get ready to be haunted by the eerie melodies of The Nearlies, the electrifying French-Finnish ghost rock band that is about to unleash their highly anticipated second studio album, "Fresh Memories," via Concorde Music Company. Brace yourself as they captivate your senses with their debut single, "Polska Konitski," now available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming platforms. Prepare to be mesmerized!
In a world where ghostly apparitions meet rock 'n' roll, The Nearlies emerged over 15 years ago in France. Originally formed as a duo seeking alternative pastimes to excessive wine consumption, the bass player and guitarist embarked on a musical journey that would shape their destinies forever. Starting with instrumental tunes, they soon discovered the undeniable power of vocals and knew it was the key to unlocking the gates of local concert venues. And so, the bassist transformed into a mesmerizing singer, setting the stage for their unique sound to haunt audiences worldwide.
Fast forward to 2019 when destiny intervened, bringing the missing piece of their musical puzzle: percussionist extraordinaire Derico Da Purificacao. With their lineup complete, The Nearlies wasted no time in making their mark. Their debut album, "Ghost Rock," was released in 2020, leaving fans craving more of their haunting melodies and captivating lyrics.
Now, after years of relentless practicing, intense brainstorming sessions, and perhaps a few more bottles of wine, The Nearlies are ready to take you on a journey through "Fresh Memories." This upcoming album is a collection of profound melodies and introspective thoughts, inspired by the complexities of our times. But fear not, dear metalheads, for The Nearlies infuse their music with a dose of dark humor and a touch of the supernatural.
Drummer Derico Da Purificacao shares his excitement, saying, "We invite everyone to immerse themselves in the world of The Nearlies and experience the release of our second album, 'Fresh Memories.' Created by guitarist J. Kortesmaa and singer/bassist H. Kortesmaa, this album is a testament to our authenticity and uniqueness. The compositions and lyrics are crafted by the visionary Kortesmaa leaders, while the guitarist has masterfully directed the project, elevating it to new heights. We sincerely hope that our album resonates with all rock fans, starting with the release of our first single, 'Polska Konitski.' Available on all streaming platforms, this song demands a place in your playlist. Don't waste another second and let The Nearlies haunt your musical journey!"
"Polska Konitski" is a hauntingly beautiful composition, crafted by the talented Jarmo Kortesmaa, with lyrics penned by Jarmo Kortesmaa, Hanna Kortesmaa, and Jan Djikstra. It's a mesmerizing blend of melodic prowess and chilling harmonies, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of The Nearlies and let the music envelop your soul.
Stay connected with The Nearlies by following their social media channels. Join their legion of fans and become part of their supernatural family. Prepare for their triumphant return with "Fresh Memories", as The Nearlies continue to bewitch and mesmerize audiences with their unparalleled ghost rock magic.
The Nearlies are here to haunt your musical existence. Embrace the spectral melodies, savor the intoxicating rhythms, and let the ghosts of rock 'n' roll guide you on a hauntingly epic journey. Enter the world of The Nearlies and surrender to their spectral embrace. The spirits have spoken, and their name is The Nearlies! \m/